REVIEW: BORT – The Unblinking Eye EP

Release date: April 12, 2019

The Unblinking Eye Ep by BORT

Stoner rockers BORT deliver the riffs on their second release. The Unblinking Eye EP is a slower, trippier affair than the band’s debut but definitely supplies a suitable fix for anyone waiting for a second LP.

The Unblinking Eye opens with a TRON-esque synth track which is vastly different from the band’s usual sound. The track—titled ‘9:08’—is fine for what it is, but it definitely seems out of place here.

The EP really kicks into gear with its second track, ‘Bloodcult,’ which sees BORT return to its signature stoner rock. The opening riff is killer, and the song really builds from there. This is one of the band’s best tracks to date.

Along with ‘Bloodcult,’ ‘Cascadia’ and ‘Visions’ all operate at a slower tempo, veering further into stoner and psych territory than BORT’s previous release (2018’s Crossing the Desert LP).

Like Crossing the Desert, The Unblinking Eye also boasts some damn fine cover art, which you can see above. The band used the same artist (Alfi Andy) on both records, which was a strong decision.

Also on the record is a cover of Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World.’ It’s always interesting when a band covers a song from way out of their genre, and BORT does a good job of putting their own stamp on this 80s favourite. The cover is also a fun one to hear live.

You can stream/download/buy The Unblinking Eye by BORT on Bandcamp from April 12.

You also have a couple of chances to see BORT live in the near future: