Seer (Vancouver Doom) Signs to Artoffact Records

Vancouver-based doom metal outfit Seer has signed to Toronto’s Artoffact Records for the band’s next release. Following 3 EPs and 1 LP, the upcoming Vol. 6 has already been recorded but does not have a release date as of yet.

Seer guitarist Kyle Tavares explains what the record is about:

Vol. 6 tells the story of a monk who belongs to a monastery built upon the tallest mountain on the planet. This monk has been chosen to make pilgrimage to the peak of the mountain where lies the power to return their world to a golden age long past. This pilgrimage is taken once each decade, and no monk has ever returned from his journey and completed the quest. The main theme is dogma and the consequences of accepting rigid principles one must not stray from.”

The five members of Seer (vocalist Bronson Lee Norton, guitarists Peter Sacco and Kyle Tavares, bassist Josh Campbell, and drummer Madison Norton) draw inspiration from Vancouver’s heavy music scene. Members of the band are also in Wormwitch and Empress.