REVIEW: La Chinga – Beyond The Sky

Release date: September 7, 2018

La Chinga takes an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it approach on Beyond the Sky, the band’s third album. Time-travelling in directly from the 1970s, the good-time rockers channel Zeppelin, GNR and other standards of the era as they noodle their way through 11 tracks.

La Chinga is all about having a good time, and that really comes across on this record. Innovative, it ain’t, but it serves up fun in spades. I swear to god, you’ll spontaneously grow a moustache and aviator shades while you listen to Beyond the Sky. On various tracks, you’ll experience straight-up party rock, swampy blues, and mellower stoner jams.

Sixth track ‘Keep On Rollin” is not only an example of La Chinga at its best, it also pretty much sums up the band’s credo. In a nutshell, it’s all about living free and rolling with the good times. “We’re gonna do it any way we can,” sings La Chinga.

Guitarist Ben Yardley must have had a lot of fun with this album, exploring meaty riffs as well as wah-wah solos as he grooves his way through Beyond the Sky. Yardley’s guitar and the shared vocals take centre stage throughout, but they wouldn’t be half as effective without Jay Solyom’s joyous tubthumping or Carl Spackler’s slinky bass.

Yep, La Chinga is definitely out to have a good time, but they’re happy to share. If you feel like a bluesy, psychedelic trip, give Beyond the Sky a listen or check out La Chinga live.

Beyond the Sky by La Chinga is out September 7. Head over to Small Stone Records’ Bandcamp page to buy the album as a digital download or on CD/vinyl.