REVIEW: Getaway Van – Broke Down EP

Release date: September 26, 2018

Fuzz rockers Getaway Van have come on leaps and bounds with the band’s second EP, Broke Down. Continuing in the same vein of Truckfighters-esque stoner rock heard on January’s Burnouts EP, we are treated to a much fuller sound on this release.

It’s meatier, it’s harder, it’s heavier. If that sounds a bit pornographic, you’re not far off, because this is a dirty record — full of fuzz and viscera. That aspect of Getaway Van’s sound is emphasised in Broke Down‘s production.

“This EP is pretty raw and unrefined,” says guitarist Derek Lionas. “The producer went for, like, a garage-type vibe.”

Opening track ‘Eatin’ Dust’ roars out of the gate, making it clear what Getaway Van is all about. Covering one of the greats can be risky, but fear not, the band really does Fu Manchu justice here. The track is an ideal fit for Getaway Van’s road-warrior/outlaw schtick, too.

Next up is the evocatively named ‘Ugh,’ a slower track which serves up fuzz like it’s going out of fashion (let’s hope not!). Like its title, this song is an animalistic grunt — albeit one with a message. That message is essentially ‘YOLO,’ a reminder not to “forget to live.”

The EP finishes with a remastered version of ‘Grab the Keys,’ which also appeared on Burnouts, giving you a great opportunity to hear the band’s growth. Listening side-by-side, Getaway Van sounds more confident; there’s a real swagger in the tracks on Broke Down.

Broke Down by Getaway Van is out September 26, 2018. Get your fuzz fix via your streaming platform of choice, it’s available on Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

Getaway Van will be heading back into the studio later this year with KOSM’s Mike Slater, so fans can look forward to a full-length release before too long. “[Mike] did some engineering for the BORT album as well, so I’m pretty psyched,” says Derek.

Based on the band’s growth between Burnouts and Broke Down, you can expect it to be a stormer!

Image: Getaway Van / Facebook