REVIEW: Starvation – 5 Track Demo

Release date: August 1, 2018

With a total runtime of under 6 minutes, Starvation’s five-track demo is a true hardcore recording. Track names like ‘Humanity’s Last Breath’ and ‘My Hate’ let you know this isn’t going to be a cheery record, and the band doesn’t blink on this heavy, visceral release.

Starvation is a band that doesn’t do things by halves, taking a full-on approach which is showcased on final track ‘Endless Fight’ when drummer Pierre actually vomits from his exertions.

While that could’ve remained simply an anecdote, the decision to keep it in the released track lines up with Starvation’s raw, intense sound. This record certainly ain’t reinventing the wheel — instead, the band provides some snarling d-beat which I can’t wait to see live.

The demo was recorded and mixed by Jon Comstock of Jaundice Records, and it’s available on a ‘name your price’ basis over on Starvation’s Bandcamp.

Starvation actually recorded 15 tracks with Jon, so you can look forward to some more releases. During recording, Tomek Szuk (one half of Slow Death Records) played both guitar and bass, but Anju Singh will be picking up bass duties for performances.