REVIEW: Nutrition – S/T

Release date: August 7, 2018

Nutrition’s self-titled debut, the latest release from Vancouver’s Neon Taste Records (run by Josh Nickel of Night People/Chain Whip/Fashionism), is a sonic smorgasbord. Building on a snotty punk core, the band plays with elements of power pop, surf, glam and garage as it charges through the record’s 8 songs.

Even with that warning, you might be surprised at the breadth of influences explored on this release. In fact, you hardly have time to recognise all of them as Nutrition races breathlessly through the tracks. That’s not to say things feel rushed, but the tempo is high and there’s a driving, forward momentum.

What that does mean, though, is that Nutrition rewards repeat listening. Hearing the record for a second, third, fourth time, you notice more and more elements — guitar licks, vocal howls, drumming — which give it depth.

If you like the sound of Nutrition, snap up a copy on Bandcamp. If digital’s your flavour, no worries, but the physical release is a limited run of cassettes — so get on it!