The Best Rock, Punk & Metal Shows in Vancouver – August 2018

Here’s my list of the best places to get sweaty this month — as if you needed an excuse!

As ever, a disclaimer that music is subjective blah blah blah. This is my list, and these are the shows I’m excited about this month.

August 1

Image: Chain Whip / Facebook

Damagers/Cheap Appeal/Chain Whip/Starvation – The Astoria

This is a truly stacked line-up. Toronto’s Damagers are joined by local support for some seriously good hardcore. It’s Starvation‘s first show, too, and a recently released demo (recorded with Jaundice Records) suggests the band is well worth checking out.

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August 4

Image: Baptists / Facebook

BAPTISTS – The Astoria

Join BAPTISTS as they belatedly celebrating an album release. Click here to read my review of that album, Beacon of Faith, which came out on Southern Lord back in May. You can also read my interview with the band’s guitarist, Danny Marshall.

August 7

Image: Snob / Bandcamp

Snob (UK) – Black Lab

Not to be confused with BC’s Snøb, Snob (from the UK) is a sick hardcore band you don’t want to miss.

August 10

Image: Hot Snakes / Facebook

Hot Snakes – The Biltmore Cabaret

These on-again-off-again legends of post-hardcore are touring in support of reunion album Jericho Sirens. It’s just as good as their old stuff, and the show features excellent local support from NEEDS and Pet Blessings.

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Elder/Dead Quiet – The Astoria

Image: Dead Quiet / Facebook

Also on August 10 is this show which is sure to have local stoners and metalheads salivating. As an extra incentive, Dead Quiet recently announced that this will be the band’s last local show for a while.

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The truly-committed (and/or the flush-with-cash) fan can make both shows, with Hot Snakes finishing early and Elder running late.

August 17

La Chinga w/ Killer Deal – SBC Restaurant

La Chinga has a new album on the horizon (slated for release in early September), and along with Killer Deal, the band is sure to deliver one hell of a party.

August 31

Image: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / Facebook

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – The Fox Cabaret

This Australian band a sort of indie/punk in the vein of fellow Aussies Eddie Current Suppression Ring. Check ’em out while they’re in town.

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