REVIEW: Phane – 10 Charged Trax

Release date: December 1, 2017

Phane’s 10 Charged Trax could almost be called the ghost of UK ’82 but that would do an injustice to this visceral release which is more than a pale imitation. Think GBH, Charged and bands of that ilk.

Delivering exactly what the album title promises, Phane goes all-out on this record. Each and every track maintains a spittle-flecked vehemence that roars out of your speakers.

This kind of classic street punk is a far-from-young genre, but Phane brings a vitality and vigour that make it feel new all over again.

The tracks are simple, but they don’t need to be anything else when the recipe is this tried-and-tested. Listening to them, I can practically smell the sweat and stale beer.

Stream/download 10 Charged Trax by Phane on Bandcamp.

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