REVIEW: Baptists – Beacon of Faith

Release date: May 25, 2018

Beacon of Faith by Baptists is a raging, high-speed chase of an album. There’s hardly time to catch your breath as the band roars from song to song.

Whenever Baptists get mentioned, so do Converge. While a comparison to such a legendary band is undoubtedly flattering, Baptists are more than just a baby Converge.

Although the two bands do share a related sound, simply comparing Baptists to Converge is lazy and does the BC band a disservice. Despite existing in the same musical space, Baptists have taken their influences and created something all their own.

Formed in 2010 (Beacon of Faith is the band’s third full-length), Baptists have really crystallised their powerful brand of metalcore in the intervening years. (Baptists can even count Dave Grohl among their fans.) These 13 tracks erupt savagely from the speakers right from the word go. Opening song ‘Worse Than Hate’ showcases the anger and intensity that run throughout the album.

This isn’t just music that’s angry for the sake of being angry, though. The album has plenty to say, with lyrics tackling a range of issues the band’s members see in their day-to-day lives. These include the Canadian court system, substance abuse, mental health, and how the more fortunate “tend to dismiss people who have been dealt a less-fortunate hand,” according to guitarist Danny Marshall.

While keeping the intensity dialled up, Baptists explores various tempos on Beacon of Faith. A track like ‘Eulogy Template,’ for example, wouldn’t be out of place on the setlist for a doom band. It’s a highly effective move which allows tracks to bookend and highlight one another, preventing things from getting stale at any point during the album’s 38-minute runtime.

Beacon of Faith by Baptists comes out on Southern Lord on May 25, 2018. Get it on digital download, CD, black vinyl or silver vinyl by heading over to the Southern Lord store or Bandcamp.

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