REVIEW: Hashteroid – S/T LP

Release date: April 20, 2018

On the band’s debut full-length, Hashteroid lets its freak flag fly. If weed wasn’t so obviously the band’s drug of choice, I’d say this was stoner rock on speed. Building on the genre’s treacly grooves, Hashteroid plays fast and loud. With this album, Hashteroid has cemented its spot among the best of Vancouver’s metal scene, alongside the likes of Dead Quiet, Anciients and Black Wizard.

The band has really built on 2015’s Respect the Depths EP, which was already darn good. Having tightened up their sound and with great production (the record was recorded and engineered by Michael Kraushaar at Bully’s Studios, mixed by Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege), Hashteroid is a triumph for the band.

It is something well-deserved by Hashteroid, which has come back stronger than ever from the sad passing of original drummer Steve Chambers not long before the release of Respect the Depths. Following that, original members Mike Grossnickle (bass, vocals) and Alex Gidora (guitar, vocals) were joined by Grant Prouse on drums.

The band’s sound has really been honed on this record, straddling a range of genres across seven tracks. While some passages stay faithful to the spaced-out grooves of classic desert rock, Hashteroid’s signature really lies on the faster passages which stray nearly into thrash territory. At other moments (notably on ‘Green Caramel’), the trio channels the skate-friendly sound of Fu Manchu.

This record does not let up for a second. It is relentless, intense, absolutely fucking rocking. Skating, driving, this is a great record to blast through your headphones while on the move. There’s so much energy that you can’t really sit still while listening.

Hashteroid’s self-titled LP is released digitally via Bandcamp on April 20, 2018. A vinyl release on Denmark’s Cursed Tongue Records is planned for June 2018.

If you want to catch Hashteroid live (something I highly recommend), they have a couple of shows coming up in Vancouver. First off, the band’s plays with Dopethrone at the Astoria on April 22 and then again on June 15 with Dead Quiet at the Biltmore.