REVIEW: Getaway Van – Burnouts EP

Release date: January 27, 2018

Getaway Van’s debut EP, Burnouts, is a classic slice of fuzz in the vein of Swedish past masters Truckfighters (R.I.P.). Burnouts was recorded live off the floor at 333, which guitarist/vocalist Derek Lionas tells me was done for an authentic sound.

“We wanted the record to sound the same as we do live,” says Derek, who wears a Truckfighters patch on his vest and openly acknowledges the other band’s influence. That recording approach has paid off on a record which is a great introduction to the band.

An intense drumbeat drives the EP’s tracks and is layered with fuzzy riffs which sound like a howling, desert wind — very reminiscent of Truckfighters’ Gravity X album.

This is not just a simple homage, though. On opening track ‘Branches,’ Getaway Van cranks up the speed and intensity levels to bring a more manic feel, especially in the vocals.

‘So Long,’ in contrast, offers up a different kind of intensity, slower and snarling. Closing track ‘Grab the Keys’ sits somewhere between the two and also adds a bluesier sound. All three songs will have you nodding along.

All in all, this EP is well worth checking out for fans of stoner rock, and I’ll be keeping eye on what Getaway Van does next.

Stream/download the Burnouts EP by Getaway Van on Bandcamp.

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