REVIEW: AntEater – Smashed Antholes

Release date: November 25, 2017

AntEater’s debut release, Smashed Antholes, is straight-up punk for music fans who don’t take themselves too seriously. The band’s stated goals are to play fast and entertain, something they achieve with this record.

Stylistically, the band mixes a dollop of skate punk with melodic hardcore and a dash of thrash. Think A Wilhelm Scream, Cancer Bats or Belvedere. Smashed Antholes doesn’t deviate too far from its influences, but it is done well.

Bolstering a technically adept record is AntEater’s tongue-in-cheek attitude, which runs through everything the band does — from song lyrics to album art to its Facebook bio. Thank you, AntEater, for a riotous, raucous, fun record.

Stream/download Smashed Antholes by AntEater on Bandcamp.