REVIEW: Night People – S/T EP

Release date: October 20, 2017

Night People’s self-titled EP, released as a demo cassette back in May and more recently on vinyl through Deranged Records, serves up four atmospheric tracks which walk a fine line between pop and punk (although it’s definitely not pop-punk).

Like another of my recent favourites, Hygiene, Night People plays synth-punk — although a wholly different take on it than that of Hygiene.

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The record’s poppiness comes through in the 80s-style upbeat synths and catchy hooks which provide the band’s signature sound. Between the pounding drumbeats and just the right amount of rawness in the vocals, Night People also retains enough attitude to lay claim to the punk title. It’s an effective mix, each element serving to emphasise the other.

That element of sugariness to these songs often belies the lyrics, which deal with themes including loss of faith and subsequent rebuilding. Those lyrics are perhaps to the key to this record, which seems poppy at first hearing but rewards repeated listening thanks to a moody, menacing vein running through its heart.

Stream/download Night People’s EP on Bandcamp, or buy it on vinyl from Deranged Records.

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