Playing a brand of melodic hardcore reminiscent of A Wilhelm Scream, Victoria’s NO LIARS have a debut album on the way, slated for release in early 2018. The Cause & The Cure was recorded right here in Vancouver at Rain City Recorders with the help of Jesse Gander.

With the album’s first single — ‘Animal’ (see the video below) — already out, I spoke to NO LIARS’ guitarists Noah Edwards and Eric Paone.

Noah sums up The Cause & The Cure in a single word: dynamic. He’s not wrong; you’ll want to listen to this one loud. Not content with just rocking out, though, the record delves into some deeper themes.

“We tackled a broad range of topics,” says Noah, “from mental health, to the current political climate, to the refugee crisis, to looking introspectively at the darker parts of ourselves. The title kind of refers to people in general. We are both the cause and the cure for most of our problems.”

In terms of writing process, Noah says that the songs on The Cause & The Cure came together “over the course of a couple of years,” according to Noah.

“Usually,” he continues, “I or Eric would come up with the main idea for the song, bring it to the group to iron out and then Moe and I would work on lyric ideas. It was amazing to see the songs transform after everyone put their own spin on their parts, and Jesse [Gander] had some amazing tweaks that just made everything flow that much better.”

He says that the band were “thrilled” to work with Gander, adding: “He’s just so goddamn good at what he does. He strikes a really good balance between giving input and tweaking things here and there, but at the same time, respecting the opinions and choices. Once we got in the studio, it all happened relatively fast, and we ended up tracking the whole thing in two weeks.”

NO LIARS cites the influence of big names such as Alexisonfire, Refused, At The Drive-In, and A Wilhelm Scream, but Noah also says that “Vancouver bands Carpenter and Precursor have been big influences.”

He continues: “Dan Sioui’s vocals are deadly, and I love Stu’s stripped down production on that Precursor record.”

His influences don’t stop there, either: “When I was in Germany in 2016, I was lucky to catch an English band Yearbook in Berlin totally by chance. Their record I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You had a huge influence on me — I thought they walked this really interesting line between melodic, vulnerable and pissed off as hell.”

Eric adds: “I’m influenced by bands who get their aesthetic from attitude, like Japandroids, Beach Slang, and Baptists. They’re able to convey a lot of emotion in their sound while being really loud and blown out. I like to try and bring that into my playing.”

When they come over to Vancouver, Noah and Eric enjoy the city’s venues.

“I have a special attachment to the Media Club (RIP),” says Noah. “We were lucky enough to perform there before it closed its doors, and I saw a great show with Precursor and Belvedere a few years back. Other than that, The Commodore Ballroom and Vogue Theatre have great sound, great stages. I’ve seen some of my favourite bands in those venues, especially The Commodore.”

“The Cobalt has to be my favourite,” says Eric, “plus it has a sick pizza place next door. And, of course, I’ve seen a lot of my favourite bands at the Commodore Ballroom, but more intimate venues can create a crazy, frantic energy that’s harder to achieve in bigger venues.”

Noah and Eric are also fans of many Vancouver bands, particularly Baptists, Japandroids, Carpenter, Bedroom Talk, Parting Ways, Ninjaspy, and Hawking.

The Cause & The Cure by NO LIARS will be out sometime in the spring next year with several single releases planned between now and then. Following that, the band will hit the road in support of the record.