9 Reasons to Attend ‘Festerval’ This Long Weekend

Music fans, rejoice! This November long weekend, Vancouver has a new music ‘Festerval‘ coming to town. From Thursday through to Saturday, Modified Ghost is holding three shows across the city, featuring a mixed line-up headlined by punk rock legends Dead Kennedys. This festival is not to be missed, and I’ve pulled together a few reasons why you should attend.

The line up is a reason in itself
It’s a chance to sample what the city has to offer

Over the three nights, the festival is taking place in different venues across the city. It’s not only a chance to catch some great music, it’s also an opportunity to sample some of Vancouver’s best live music venues: The Cobalt, the Rickshaw and the Vogue. Can’t decide which night to attend? Then you can buy a pass that’ll get you into all three shows. You’re really spoilt for choice on this one.

Dead Kennedys can still draw a crowd without Jello

Dead Kennedys are headlining not one but two nights of the festival at both the Rickshaw and the Vogue. You might be thinking “But it’s just not Dead Kennedys without Jello” — and trust me, I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I’ve heard this recently or seen posts about it on social media. Surprisingly though, the majority of people who have openly voiced their disdain for the band’s current line-up are also attending the festival — go figure! Ron Greer has been a touring member of the band for almost the last decade, and his vocals pay homage to the bar originally set by Jello Biafra. You can complain, or you can accept this is the closest you’re gonna get in 2017 and enjoy it for what it is — and it promises to be a damn good show.

It’s time stay indoors

The weather is turning colder… Vancouverites, it’s time to replace the hiking boots with sneakers, ’tis the season to start doing more indoorsy stuff (before the ski season calls you to the mountains again). At least, this is how I justify any money I spend on show tickets when I can no longer wear shorts outside. So in short: It’s cold, you know what’s indoors… Festerval!

The Dwarves

If you’ve not seen the Dwarves live before, you need look no further than the bands Wikipedia page to find out all you need to know about their notorious live shows. If songs with offensive lyrics and nakedness are your thing, then this is a band who won’t disappoint, but you also won’t be disappointed if you’re also a fan of sing-a-long punk-rock songs. The band are currently streaming their entire back catalogue through their Bandcamp page, so you have no excuse for not knowing the words in time for their set at the Rickshaw on Friday.

New Favourites

Festerval is not only a chance to watch punk-rock royalty, it also might be your chance to discover your new favourite local band. Dead Ghosts and The Jins (playing the Cobalt on Thursday), Fashionism and Sore Points (playing the Rickshaw on Friday), and Black Wizard (playing Saturday at the Vogue) all hail from Van City and are worth checking out.

Click here to read a review of Sore Points’ Don’t Want To EP.

Support your local scene

As well as the local bands, it’s an opportunity to support your local music scene in general. Turn up, bring friends, buy beers, and party; let’s keep making it possible for more events like this to take place in Vancouver.

Carry on the party

Going to see Propagandhi at the Rickshaw on the Wednesday night? Why stop the party after that? You could turn this into a 4-night, punk-rock marathon. I’m sure you won’t be the only one…

And if you party too hard…

It’s a long weekend, you’ll have both Sunday and Monday to recover!

Promoted as “music for weirdos,” Festerval is an exciting new edition to the Vancouver Festival circuit. So, if you’re the right kind of “weirdo” and this is the music you’re into, you know where you should be from November 9th – 11th.

Click here for all the details about Festerval, including where to buy tickets.