INTERVIEW: GWAR’s Pustulus Maximus

The infamous GWAR have been wreaking havoc since 1984, and on November 13, the band will be laying low the Commodore Ballroom as they bring their ‘Blood of Gods’ Tour to Vancouver.

When I speak to lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus, he warns me that the audience can expect to see GWAR “mount our plan of action to take over the world and implode in the process.” He elaborates, “The self-destructive kind of carnage is what we specialize in, unfortunately.”

In order to unwind after GWAR’s notoriously raucous shows, Pustulus tells me: “I used to drink anywhere from 6 to 18 beers then sleep. Now, I just find a place with a ton of people in it and I go be somewhere else.”

The band’s new album, Blood of Gods, is set for release on October 20. I asked Pustulus for his favourite track from the upcoming release, but he says that “the record as a whole pleases me. I don’t have a favourite. This record has a more eclectic vibe to it than previous works of the last decade. We put our best material forward on this record, and I feel like each song can stand on its own. ‘El Presidente,’ ‘Crushed by the Cross,’ ‘Swarm,’ ‘Auroch’ and ‘Phantom Limb’ are my top five.”

GWAR differ from most rock bands in their well-publicised quest to eradicate the human race and for despising Earth as “the most insignificant planet in the universe.” Despite that, Pustulus feels that Vancouver is more significant than most places, saying “You should allow your citizens to carry guns and shoot all the heroin junkies that line your streets in the face. It really is ridiculous. Spokane seems almost as bad. Why do you allow that stuff?”

One thing redeeming Vancouver in Pustulus’ eyes is that it is the home of THOR. “I’m his biggest fan,” says Pustulus.

See GWAR live at the Commodore Ballroom on November 13.


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