10 Reasons to See INVSN at The Fox Cabaret

Following the release of their second album earlier this year, INVSN are headlining a show at The Fox Cabaret later this month. In anticipation of that show, here are 10 reasons why you should go and see them:

  1. INVSN are fronted by Dennis Lyxzen, better known for fronting Swedish punk band Refused. Whilst in recent years Refused have reformed and toured again after their longer-than-a-decade hiatus, Lyzxen at no point stopped making music. Unlike his other projects, such as AC4 and The International Noise Conspiracy, INVSN takes a step further away from his punk roots and into a mix of melodic, post-punk and indie rock.
  2. INVSN create beautiful music. With long interludes, well thought-out lyrics, and the shared vocals of Dennis Lyxzen and Sara Almgren, it seems fitting that they named their second full-length record The Beautiful Stories.
  3. With Refused, Dennis Lyxzen sells out venues. Don’t miss your chance to see the animated and charismatic frontman on a smaller stage. This guy has headlined festivals across the world. When Refused played The Vogue Theatre back in 2012, tickets sold out 17 seconds after they were released for sale, prompting the band to play a second night at the venue.
  4. The band records the majority of their songs in Swedish as well as English. (Even as someone who can’t speak a single word of Swedish, it’s worth checking out the original Swedish version of their track ‘#61’ on YouTube.)
  5. Dennis Lyxzen is not known to shy away from politics. With lyrics about rejecting the generic mould of life and not following the herd, his consistent political voice is also evident in a number of INVSN songs. Who else could sing the words “eat the shit they serve to you, or try to break free” and make it sound so eloquent?
  6. INVSN’s self-titled record from start to finish is a damn perfect album. (It will remain amongst my all-time favourite records until Ryan Adams produces something better than Gold and pushes this record further down the list.)
  7. Uplifting, miserable songs – this might sound like a contradiction in itself, but just listen to INVSN’s foot-tapping track ‘Distorted Heartbeat’ from their self-titled record, and you’ll hear a perfect example of this. At first, it might sound like an upbeat, indie-pop track, but with each listen, you’ll notice a darker depth within the lyrics. “Will it turn out fine?” the song asks. If you keep listening to uplifting, miserable music and head to The Fox Cabaret at the end of the month then it just might.
  8. Spelt INVSN, pronounced “Invasion”, hip as fuck. Convinced yet?
  9. Dennis Lyxzen’s dancing — it’s pretty popular in the punk scene. So much so that a little-known band from the Czech Republic, Worldhood, has written a song about it. Go see it with your own eyes.
  10. They’re a damn stylish band. I challenge you to go see INVSN live and leave without a desire to start wearing all black and accessorising with a slick amount of silver jewellery. (Maybe that’s just me!)

INVSN are playing at The Fox Cabaret on September 28. Tickets are still available online.