21 Vancouver Bands to Buy from During Bandcamp’s Trans Rights Fundraiser

Today, August 4, Bandcamp will donate 100% of its share of all sales on the platform to the Transgender Law Center. Bandcamp made the move in response to the recent announcement that transgender people will not be able to serve in the U.S. military.

In a statement, the website said: “Bandcamp is a platform for artistic expression, and all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality, is welcome here. We support our LGBT+ users and staff, and we stand against any person or group that would see them further marginalized.”

That means it’s the perfect time to stock up on some sweet, new music while also supporting a good cause. Win-win! As this site is dedicated to Vancouver’s rock and roll scene, I thought I’d highlight some excellent local bands to support and buy music from during the fundraiser.

The sale runs from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time), so get shopping!

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HYGIENE – Synth punk for weirdos (reviewed here)

– Lo-fi, rambunctious punk rock (reviewed here)

NEEDLES//PINS – Raucous, good-time punk rock (reviewed here)

ANCHORESS – Earnest, intense post-hardcore goodness

THE DARKEST OF THE HILLSIDE THICKETS – Lovecraftian horror-punk, ’nuff said

JESSE LEBOURDAIS – Frank Turner-esque folk punk (reviewed here)

LOW LEVELS – Punk with spit-in-your-face attitude (reviewed here)

CONTRA CODE – Classic, fast-and-loud punk

BRASS – Energetic, loud, screaming madness of the best kind

THE PRETTYS – Glam proto-punk

WETT STILETTOS – Classic, 70s-style punk rock (reviewed here)

WAR BABY – Grunge, punk and doom smashed in a blender (reviewed here)

SORE POINTS – Raw, snotty punk


BLACK WIZARD – Rifftastic metal

DEAD QUIET – Stoner-influenced metal

WORSE – Sludge- and hardcore-influenced metal from former 3IOB members (reviewed here)

HASHTEROID – Stoner/thrash vibes


DOPEY’S ROBE – Trippy surf rock (reviewed here)

THE STAGGERS & JAGGS – Retro band mixing jazz, blues and rock

PASSIVE – Gloomy post-punk

Sissy Heathens – Grunge-inflected post-punk (reviewed here)