NEW RELEASE: Dopey’s Robe – Rock Steady, New Mexico EP

Release date: June 2, 2017

Following hot on the heels of Dopey’s Robe’s self-titled album (released just months ago), Rock Steady, New Mexico displays all the things I loved about the previous record.

It’s a tight surf/psych rock EP with plenty to enjoy. Like its predecessor, Rock Steady, New Mexico features whiplash-inducing tempo changes (particularly on ‘Spit on the Wall’) and mystical-sounding guitars, backed up by a driving beat.

This new EP is less groovy, though, than the self-titled album. Instead, it is rougher and more frenetic — it feels like a fever dream, an aspect I enjoyed.

Dopey’s Robe is obviously feeling fecund, releasing a demo, an album and this EP within the space of a year. While I love everything they have put out, I’d be happy to wait longer between releases and see more progression. It’s a minor quibble, though, and won’t stop me tapping my feet and bopping my head to these three enjoyable songs.

Stream/buy Rock Steady, New Mexico by Dopey’s Robe on Bandcamp.

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