NEW RELEASE: Corner Boys – Demo

Release date: March 15, 2017

Corner Boys’ Demo has a lo-fi, rambunctious sound that puts me in mind of early punk greats the Stiff Little Fingers. Tempo, beats, riffs and vocals all remind me of Inflammable Material. These are three fun, energetic songs just begging for you to jump up and down.

For my money, ‘Joke (of the Neighbourhood)’ is the strongest track, but all three have plenty of promise. There is less than six minutes of music, all told, and I am left wanting more. Let’s hope there is a full-length release in the works from these snotty punk (and I say that in the most complimentary sense).

Stream/buy Corner Boys’ Demo on Bandcamp.

You can also see Corner Boys live on June 9 at the Astoria alongside Low Levels and HEDKS, or on July 14 at Pub 340 with Soundcity Hooligans, Sore Points and Motorama.