INTERVIEW: Kaijia Kinney of Metalocalypstick Fest

Spending Canada Day weekend listening to a bunch of sweet bands and partying sounds great, right? But it gets even cooler. Metalocalypstick Fest, taking place over July 1 and 2, celebrates the badass women of metal. Ahead of the festival, I spoke to its organiser, Kaijia Kinney.

This is Kinney’s second year putting on Metalocalypstick after coming up with the idea while applying to play at other festivals on behalf of her own band, Anarcheon. Her experience with the majority of festivals out there led her to think that it would be “cool” to have an event geared towards women in metal.

“This festival means the celebration of both sexes coming together and creating something amazing,” says Kinney. “People like to say women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore and that we are all the same. I feel that is untrue; this is still a male-dominated world and woman are still looked as lesser. I want to showcase all these badass ladies and celebrate the differences of men and woman rather than pretend we are all equal. Truth is we are different — why can’t we celebrate that?”

As soon as she started approaching bands with the idea, Kinney received an enthusiastic response. She says, “The bands are all loving the idea of the fest. It’s unique and it’s super empowering getting all the metal gals together in one fest!”

The inaugural festival, last year, got off to a flying start. Kinney is enthusiastic about the event’s atmosphere when I ask her for a favourite moment, saying:

“Not so much any particular moment was the best. A really cool moment, though, was as I was playing on stage it started to rain. The thin tent overhead turned it into mist through the crowd and stage area — it was absolutely beautiful! I also loved how stoked everyone there was and all the love going around. Towards the end of the night, everyone gathered by the fire, sang and had a merry time!”

This year’s festival features a sweet lineup of bands, all of which contain kickass female rockers. Bands from various countries are coming together to blow attendees away, including Vancouver’s own HEDKS, Massive Scar Era, Anarcheon and Kymatica.

Kinney says she is excited to see “ALL OF THEM! Seriously. I am ultra-excited to see Cabrakaan though because they are coming all the way from Mexico!”

In addition to celebrating women in metal, Metalocalypstick is set up as a non-profit and raises funds for Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Earth Protectors, as well as sponsoring an independent band picked by Metalocalypstick Fest judges.

Metalocalypstick Fest takes place at the Interlakes Community Centre in Lone Butte, BC, on July 1 and 2, 2017. Check out the festival’s lineup below, or click here for more details/tickets.

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