NEW RELEASE: Wett Stilettos – Cartesian Cutt

Release date: February 9, 2017

One of the key ingredients of punk is attitude, and Wett Stilettos’ latest release has it in spades. ‘Straight to Hell’ (the opening track on Cartesian Cutt) makes that clear straight out of the gate. The rest of the songs are no different. The band struts its way through 13 tracks on the album, led by vocalist RC Guns (read an interview with her here).

The songs, written by guitarist Pinto Stiletto (read an interview with him here), tackle aspirations, the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and love in the age of the internet — among other things. It’s a heady mixture, and it’s worth paying attention to the lyrics as you pogo your way through the album. It’s definitely an album that makes you want to move, and I’m looking forward to hearing the songs live at the Rickshaw (in support of DOA).

There is a greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts effect going on with this classic punk rock release. It’s the interplay of RC Guns’ voice, Pinto Stiletto’s riffs, Zig Zigler’s bass and Nadja Feutlinske’s drumbeat that make it what it is. Overall, it’s a strong second showing for the band, which bumped its profile with a Bif Naked support slot. Cartesian Cutt expands on the sound of the first album, First Cutt, giving us more of Wett Stilettos’ brand of 70s-style punk rock.

Stream/download the album on Bandcamp. See Wett Stilettos live at the Rickshaw Theatre on April 1, supporting punk legends DOA.