NEW RELEASE: Dopey’s Robe – S/T

Release date: January 9, 2017

I’m pretty excited about Dopey’s Robe and their recently released, self-titled album. There seems to be a lot of metal bands and a lot of punk bands in Vancouver, making this band a refreshing change. (Don’t get me wrong – I love both metal and punk, but I still enjoy some variety.)

Listening to Dopey’s Robe, you’d expect them to be from California — thanks to their surf/psych sound. The album is tight; I wouldn’t be able to point to an extraneous song. Surf riffs, clashing cymbals, tambourines and more make this a fun ride. The band’s habit of mixing it up with different vocalists lends a pleasantly varied feel to the songs and is also fun to see live (as at the recent Art Signified 4th Anniversary show).

Dopey’s Robe have a show at The Cobalt on February 16, which is also one of my top picks for the month. Stream/buy the album on Bandcamp.